Our Responsibility

Doré believes all modern brands should do less harm when it comes to formulation, packaging, and business ethics.

Our Responsibility

Our Packaging

In addition to using PCR plastic and planet-friendly packaging alternatives, we’re certified Plastic Neutral through rePurpose Global, which means we remove the same amount of plastic from the environment as we put in, including PCR plastics, thus creating a net-zero plastic footprint. 

When it comes to our packaging, we are continually innovating to add refills and innovative materials as they become available. We’ve also worked to eliminate as much secondary packaging as possible.

Clean Ingredients

Our products are formulated for safety. All Doré products are EWG VERIFIED™, which means our products meet EWG's strictest criteria for transparency and consumer health. These standards are continuously updated as new information becomes available.

With this ingredient standard, our customers know our products are safe to use, and what’s cleaner than that?


We’ve partnered with Boox to deliver all of our orders in reusable Boox Boxes, which are designed to be flattened, returned, refurbished, and used again and again. One Boox ultimately delivers many orders, thus reducing our environmental footprint.